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The Future of marketing

The Future of marketing

Today everyone has a smartphone, a tablet and or a computer connected to the internet

It is now a norm to google everything we don’t know.
People perceive this as a bad idea, I say its evolution.
We google not only answers to questions we don’t know, we also google for the goods or services we wish to acquire.

Imagine how many more customers you will get just by being present on the web. That is where we come in, My web host PLK aims to get more small businesses on the internet.
It doesn’t matter wether you run a small taxi service in polokwane, Or you sell run a big accounting firm in mokobane, or you Manufacture bricks in Lebowakgomo. All this types of entrepreneurs can really benefit from being present on the web.

75% of clients I get for my website design business and Photography business found me online. You can check this by googling “photographers in polokwane” or “web designers in polokwane”

This could also be your case. We are the most reasonable web design firm in polokwane and we have specialists in SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation), This means all the sites we build rank high on google, bing and other search engines.

Talk to me and tell me what is your budget and lets see if we cannot workout something from your budget. 

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