Social media vs Traditional media

Social media vs Traditional media

Social media vs Traditional media

Media has really changed in the last decade.

Have you ever thought how news paper used to sell 10 years ago?

Or do you remember how radio used to be our only source of info?

Itumeleng on turf fm

Itumeleng on turf fm





Have you noticed how you can now reach more people on #facebook #twitter #linked #google+ .

People used to pay tons of money just to reach out to a number of people that you now have to pay 0 cents to reach.

I was speaking to one gentleman earlier this week, I was suggesting to him that traditional media is dead and social media has taken over, The gentleman said he still thinks traditional media is still going strong.

But honestly do you think people will continue chasing 100000 people on radio for a fee of more than R50000 while they can reach more than 1 000 000 for less than a cent? I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I have seen Facebook post that reach more than 1 000 000 people in less than a day. with this i now recommend to all business people to consider social media, This will save a lot of business thousands of Rands

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