websites for small companies

websites for small companies

Web marketing is very vital.

The best way to start with web marketing is to design a website

This can get difficult for some people, how ever we sat down at at thought of how we can make this service available to smallest companies out there.
We think we have found a solution.
Not every company needs BIG, complicated websites, Some companies just need a part form to portray their services to customers and make their contact numbers.
This can be done on one page and actually work and be optimised for search engines.

This just implies that you business will be online and be googlable without you paying thousands of ZAR’s.

You will also get a company email address like

We have decided to add a one page package to our packages.

Meaning for only R999 get a website

Name of package Bronze

(for small companies)

Diamond Gold Platinum Ecommerce
Pages 1 4 10 Ulimited Ulimited
SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sliders No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WordPress training No No Yes Yes Yes
Facebook/twitter intergatiion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google webmaster’s tools No No No Yes Yes
Google ads credit No No No Yes Yes
24 hour email support No No Yes Yes Yes
Ecommerce setup& training No No No No Yes
Price R999 R3500 R9400 R17500 R25000


The Future of marketing

The Future of marketing

Today everyone has a smartphone, a tablet and or a computer connected to the internet

It is now a norm to google everything we don’t know.
People perceive this as a bad idea, I say its evolution.
We google not only answers to questions we don’t know, we also google for the goods or services we wish to acquire.

Imagine how many more customers you will get just by being present on the web. That is where we come in, My web host PLK aims to get more small businesses on the internet.
It doesn’t matter wether you run a small taxi service in polokwane, Or you sell run a big accounting firm in mokobane, or you Manufacture bricks in Lebowakgomo. All this types of entrepreneurs can really benefit from being present on the web.

75% of clients I get for my website design business and Photography business found me online. You can check this by googling “photographers in polokwane” or “web designers in polokwane”

This could also be your case. We are the most reasonable web design firm in polokwane and we have specialists in SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation), This means all the sites we build rank high on google, bing and other search engines.

Talk to me and tell me what is your budget and lets see if we cannot workout something from your budget. 

My direct Mobile : +27 79 769 4834 (whatsapp welcome)
Email :


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5 questions you should answer for good marketing

5 questions you should answer for good marketing

5 questions you should answer If you need success in marketing.

  1. Is what I’m selling in demand?
  2. Can I deliver?
  3. How do I reach the right clients?
  4. How much must I spend to achieve it?
  5. Who should I hire for best marketing

  1. Is what I’m selling in demand? –

For success to come to you, you first need the market. Your product must be in demand. You need to find your niche and focus on it. Make enough research that you will know what is in demand or not.


  1. Can I deliver? –

Good marketing is worthless if you can’t deliver. I strongly believe that the worst thing that can ever destroy your whole business is failure to deliver.

Make sure you can deliver.


  1. How do I reach the right clients? –

You need to know where your clients are found.

It could be that they watch TV? , Or they listen to radio? , Do they read newspapers? Or are they on #facebook, #twitter, #google+

If you are in this age, believe me all your clients can be found on #socialmedia.

  1. How much must I spend to achieve this? –

You need to research and look at all the options their cost implications. And you need to know exactly how much to spend on an Ad campaign be it on #socialmedia or on #traditionalmedia.


  1. Who should hire for the best marketing? –

You need to find the best marketing agency that will deliver to your door step, tons of leads.

The best morden media company is here.





5 steps to rank high on google

5 steps to rank high on google

5 steps to rank high on google

SEO polokwane

Most people and SEOs will tell a lot of things that will enhance your page rank.
a few years ago it used be all about back links, now it is way more than that. If you had links from reputable sites, you would rank very high.
I am not a SEO expert of Guru, i am just a web designer and i want to share my recent experience with you.

  1.  Locality -My 1st suggestion would be that you focus on your locality and local business. target your keywords to you locality. e.g. If i sell laptop chargers and i live in polokwane, My seo description should be something like : Laptop chargers in polokwane. this will let google know that you are a real company and you are located in polokwane.
  2. Healthy Backlinks – avoid buying links from SEOs links should natural. build healthy back links from directory sites that have a good reputation. e.g if you are in polokwane there is a site called this is a directory for polokwane. I think the best thing to do is to get listed on the directory.
  3. Social media – Create social media pages for your company. write posts on your website and publish them on the social media pages. update status about your products and let people like them
  4.  Good content – Always have good content on your site. The content must always be truthful and honest. Many people don’t think google can detect or recognise bad content or copied content but i tell you now they can.
  5. Use CMS – It is very easy to deal with SEO keywords and description in a content management system. I suggest you get to wordpress on your sever and you will be able to deal with SEO issues without real coding ability.

SEO in polokwane


The web according to me

The web according to me

What is the World Wide Web?
I think the web is pages of content that are connected to each other by IP addresses and URLs this pages are hosted on a number of different servers and they are routed across so many routers.
When you go to a particular URL you are directed to the corrected and routed via so many routers.

That’s my view